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What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program prescribed to prevent the development of certain vision problems, to improve conditions such as crossed-eyes or lazy eye, or to help a person learn or enhance specific vision performance skills. Such skills include eye movement control, eye focusing, eye coordination, visual information processing and teamwork between the two eyes.


How does vision therapy work?

Like many skills, vision skills are developed over time. Because of this, they can generally be improved through proper therapeutic techniques. In vision therapy, the therapist dictates visual tasks to be practiced under controlled conditions. Repetition of these tasks enhances vision by coordinating and improving eye movement, improving focusing ability and by straightening the alignment of the eyes.


How successful is vision therapy?

Vision therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for many problems that cannot be treated with eyeglasses or contact lenses alone. It can help people see more clearly, efficiently and comfortably. Much of the improvement depends on the patient's willingness to follow the therapist's instructions. For patients who do so, significant progress toward more efficient and comfortable vision usually results.

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